CCAC Advertising Program


Website Advertiser

Available: No Limit

Cost: $275

This is a new website, new program, being offered. We are offering a full color, business card size banner on our new website, that is viewed several hundred times a day, by local and visiting participants. This is a one year agreement.

Billboard Sponsor

Available: 320

Cost: $775 add web for $150/yr

Advertiser will provide logo for one sided 4′ x 8′ billboard for outfield fence or soccer field fencing, to be placed according to advertiser’s wishes. Sign will be maintained for normal wear and tear by the CCAC. Sign will be displayed 365 days a year, for three years. We will also list you on our website as a CCAC’s advertising partner

Front Fence

Available: 32

Cost: $1,425 add web for $150/yr

Advertisers will provide logo for 4′ x 8′double sided sign that will be placed on the facility’s north property fence. Signs will exposed to traffic along West Old Road 30, soccer fields. Signs will be maintained for normal wear and tear by the CCAC. Signs will be displayed for 365 days a year, for 3 years. We will also list you on our CCAC website as an advertising partner.

Field Sponsor

Available: 32

Cost: $5,000 add web for $150/yr

Field sponsorship entitles the advertiser to five years of recognition on a designated field with name on backstop and the center field fence. The field will be identified by the sponsor’s name.

A payment plan has been established to assist businesses. Field Sponsorship is available in five annual payments. Sign advertising is available in three annual payments. There will be an additional $100 added for any account using the annual payment program.
The CCAC has over 250,00 visitors each year. These visitors also include local residents. Each visitor is looking for a place to stay, a place to eat, shopping, automobiles, appliances, entertainment, housing, or names of those who support this beautiful facility. What an excellent way to get your business name out there and be recognized in the community for a very reasonable cost.