Adult Slowpitch Softball Leagues

Our Softball Leagues

 The CCAC offers multiple softball leagues for all ages. There are multiple Adult Softball Leagues as well as our Youth Softball League. If you are interested in any of the softball leagues we offer please give us a call at (574)-269-6663 for any additional information you need. The following links below can also be accessed to help find answers to any possible questions. 

2018 Fall Managers Meeting

Mandatory coaches meeting: September 4th @ 6:00 PM in the CCAC Rental hall. The meeting is open for all league players but all coaches must be in attendance! If a team fails to have a representative at the meeting they will be receiving a forfeit for their first game.

Fall Softball Deadlines

  • September 10th - October 22nd - Monday Men’s Leagues
  • September 12th -October 24th - Wednesday Coed Leagues
  • 10 games + Double Elimination Tournament
  • $325 entry per team. We will also have a $50 forfeit fee that will be paid back at the end of the session, pay as you play ($12, cash to the umpire prior to coin flip) entry fee is due by August 31st, 2018, or team will not be entered into league 
  • We will not be waiting on sponsor checks to come in. Get with them early enough to cover your team's entry.